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The Phases in Suboxone Treatment Program

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In the past few decades, Suboxone has gained a lot of importance among the people. It is known to help curbing the terrible withdrawal symptoms of the Opioids like Heroin and Oxycodone. Unlike the other medication known for the treatment of opioid, Suboxone has gained a huge popularity amongst the victims as it aids in treating opioid dependency. The success rate of Suboxone is the highest and hence mostly opted by the families and patents. You can find the doctors in Suboxone Treatment Centers Providence.

As known that the medications go through a lot of studies, same with Suboxone. This medication has gone through a lot of scientific studies and proven to be highly effective to curb opioid cravings and addiction. Suboxone definitely has end number of advantages, but all you need is understanding the proper amount of dose to get benefitted from its paramount significance.

How Suboxone Works?

The two main constituents of Suboxone is Buprenorphine and Naloxone. These two ingredients are formulated in a manner that it is able to curb the opioid addiction in the long run. This medication aids in fulfilling the desires without making you high. The reason is because Buprenorphine is a partial opioid agonist which functions by attaching with the brain’s receptors thereby making it inaccessible for other harmful opioids. This as a result makes keeps you sober along with eliminate the withdrawal symptoms.

Buprenorphine works my mimicking and making the brain think that you have taken opioid like usual days or any other drugs. Naloxone present in the Suboxone works by blocking the opioid receptors which are generally visible in central nervous system, thereby preventing the euphoric effect.

There is no doubt that Buprenorphine in actual is an opiate but it’s a partial opioid. However, if you think of abusing with it, it can offer terrible withdrawal symptoms due to the presence of Naloxone.

Even when the market has shown huge success on the use of Suboxone, yet there are some questions that might be there during the initial phase of medication. So let’s take a look in details of Suboxone.

Fundamentals of Suboxone Treatment:

The three major points to consider prior to the Suboxone treatment:

  1. The last time you took opioid
  2. What type of opioid addiction you were into
  3. Short-Acting Opioid: If you were in the short-acting opioids such as Heroine, you can start the treatment only when you have last taken the drug 12 hours before taking this medication.
  4. Long-Acting Opioid: If you were into the long-acting opioids like the methadone or fentanyl, you need to lower down the dose prior to beginning with the Suboxone treatment. This is the best choice to let the medical team know the drug and be very frank with them. They will start with consultation prior to Suboxone.
  5.  Opioid dependence Degree

These are some of the few things that need to be taken care of to fully comprehend whether you are taking the right path or not. This will become very helpful in kicking off addiction to a massive level. It is always advised to take Buprenorphine and Suboxone medication only when you find moderate withdrawal symptoms. These are here to aid in wearing off the cravings in order to comprehend the options available for you and understand your recovery procedure.

The Suboxone Treatment Phase:

  • Induction: Once the physician decides to go for the Suboxone medication, the initial two days are being taken for induction. In simple words, it means the beginning. Mostly the initial dosage revolves around 2mg to 4mg, Once the initial dosage is provided, under the medical supervision, the physician can increase their doe to 8mg. The dose amount depends on to what extent the withdrawal symptoms you are facing.
  • Maintenance: On successful completion of the induction phase, the commencement of the maintenance phase starts. This is the phases where the people steps forward to put an end to the opioid dependency. This starts from the 3rd day and as per your dependency, the dosage with either increase or decrease. Once you get stabilized, this dose might be around 4mg – 24mg. Always keep in mind, that everything will depend on your physical response towards the medication.
  • Counseling: This is the final medication phase of the recovery. With the therapy, you can explore the condition and root cause of the opioid use. This will aids in making you resilient and grow as a person. You get to know more about yourself and gradually with medication and therapy, you tend to recover and lead a life without the need for any type of medication.

You always need to keep in mind that the dose will vary a lot from one person to another This will depend on the medical supervision and the doctors. There are many physicians available in the market for the treatment for suboxone addiction Providence. Get in touch with them and get back a normal lifestyle with a successful Suboxone treatment.

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