treatment for Suboxone addiction Providence

The Treatment for Suboxone Addiction Providence is the best Chance to Lead a Bountiful Life

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No major health issue appear all of a sudden. This, however, is not the case with drug dependence. Addiction takes over an individual within only a few days’ use of a certain drug. The case becomes worse when the addictive substance is present in the medicines that are used to relieve pain. These pain killers are usually taken by patients recovering from injuries or operations; some even take such prescriptions drugs sold at the chemists’ shop to get rid of their chronic pain. Once an individual falls prey to chemical dependence he/she must be offered help immediately.

Being aware of the symptoms that indicate drug dependence in a regular person can empower those around him/her to take the right steps to save his/her life. Since drug dependence is a major issue of the present time the general masses should be aware of how to know if their acquaintance is addicted. Later complications can easily be checked with timely help. The following are some symptoms of addiction:

  • Sleeping problems, such as difficulty in falling asleep or falling asleep at strange times
  • Watery or bloodshot eyes
  • A sudden change in weight, including abnormal gain or loss
  • A sudden deterioration in attendance or performance at school or place of work
  • Dishonesty and a lack of motivation, paranoia, anxiety or nervousness, or outbursts

The treatment for Suboxone addiction Providence is a thorough process of drug resistive treatment – administering medication, offering scientifically planned counselling and therapy sessions.

The Suboxone treatment centres Providence take each patient through an approved medication assisted treatment, thus helping them in staying sober while reducing the effects of withdrawal and curbing cravings.

The Suboxone is the first opioid addiction resistive medication that has been approved under DATA 2000 for its potentiality to bring about complete cure.This medication is safe to be used at home.

Suboxone combines two components – Buprenorphine (a partial opioid agonist) and Naloxone (an opioid antagonist) or an opioid blocker. Buprenorphine tricks the brain into thinking that a full opioid like oxycodone or heroin is introduced in the body; this suppresses the withdrawal symptoms and cravings.The effect of Buprenorphineon the patient’s body is not adverse.

Naloxone is a common opioid antagonist that makes it difficult to dissolve Suboxone and inject it into the veins or snort it. Injecting Nalaxone might make a person fully dependent on opioid agonist and show withdrawal symptoms quickly. However, following the recommended method of placing the Suboxone underneath the patient’s tongueand allowing the medicine to dissolve there reduces the chances for Naloxone to reach the bloodstream to a minimum. The patient must take the exact dosage of the medication for the time period as recommended by the physician.

The Suboxone tablet or film has to be taken only once a day because opioid does not have any effect on the patient within 24 hours of taking the medication due to the presence of Buprenorphine. The reprieve gives the patient time to reconsider the adverse effects of his/her addiction.

Buprenorphine in Suboxone hinders a full swing opioid effect,in other words, the patient does not get high even in case of deliberate or accidental overdose. This is called the ceiling effect.

It is usually noticed that people often feel embarrassed for being noticed for visiting drug resistive clinics frequently. The Suboxone doctors prefer to observe the patient’s nature of addiction at the beginning of the treatment and then they put him/her on the appropriate Suboxone medication routine. Only monthly visits are adequate once the patient adjusts to the medication.

The Suboxone medication coupled with the proper guidance and counselling sessions can help one handle the withdrawal symptoms and strengthen one physically, mentally, and emotionally. Going through one’s drug and medical usage history to find the root cause of one’s addiction problem, limiting exposure to risk, helping to reduce the opioid withdrawal symptoms, developing of social support network,and finally, eliminating opioid cravingsfor allaying addiction, thus, ensuring speedy recovery from it are the characteristic features of the Suboxone doctors and the treatment centres.

The patients should also follow certain precautions like not eating, drinking or smoking for 30 minutes before and after their dose of Suboxone. Food, beverages, and nicotine can block the absorption of Suboxone. Chewing tobacco can also impair the absorption of Suboxone.

The treatment must not be discontinued midway as this can have adverse effect on the patient. One must go through the entire treatment and complete the course of the medication. The patient must also participate in the counselling sessions preferably along with the family members and cooperate with the Suboxone doctors. This alone can help cure the patient thoroughly.

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