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The Unholy Connection Between Violence and Substance Addiction

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While the triggers that instigate addiction in people are manifold, the results are quite the same. Suboxone treatment doctors Providence says that a myriad of unfortunate events and consequences arise from drugs and substance abuse. Out of these, violence is one of the most common ramifications of substance abuse that has a considerable domino effect on the family and the communities of the person suffering from substance abuse and giving in to violent means. Suboxone doctors near me say that violence is a two-way blade. It can turn inward or get channeled into crime or interpersonal conflict. These doctors specializing in sublocade treatment say that the link between violence and drug abuse is clear. Understanding this complicated relationship is vital in staging effective interventions and providing treatment for suboxone addiction.

Suboxone treatment clinics Providence shed light on substance abuse and violence against oneself:

The doctors and medical professionals offering effective treatment for suboxone addiction Providence say that the common understanding of violence triggered by substance abuse indicates the harm inflicted upon others. At the same time, it is exceptionally important to acknowledge the damage that a person brings upon himself. The doctors specializing in sublocade near me point out to a harrowing statistic which shows that 90% of the people committing suicide were diagnosed with psychiatric conditions, including substance abuse. Apart from this, the most fatal and non-fatal suicide attempts involve other mental health anomalies, including bipolar disorder, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Though the exact link between specific mental health disorders and the risk of suicide is unknown, drug and substance abuse can be closely connected to suicide risks. The doctors at the suboxone treatment clinics Providence reports that people with a substance abuse disorder are six times more distinctly plausible to report a suicide attempt during their lifetime than those who are sober and do not have any such ailments.

● Identification of substance abusers having a risk of suicides is essential:

Acclaimed suboxone treatment doctors Providence says that suicides and drug abuse might be closely linked, but most patients reeling under substance addiction do not die by suicides. Therefore, this research makes it vital to identify those individuals suffering from substance abuse disorders who are at a considerably higher risk of committing suicide.

The medical experts at the suboxone clinics near me say that the people suffering from substance addiction share certain common traits with the general population like past suicide attempts. But depression appears to be the most severe risk factor, which is the highest in people suffering from substance abuse disorder. The exceptionally high comorbidity rate between mood disorders and substance addiction makes it necessary to diagnose them so that the suffering person can undergo proper treatment.

● Substance abuse perpetrates self-harming activities:

The doctors providing treatment for suboxone addiction Providence say that drugs and substance addiction compel an individual to turn violent and cause self-harm even if they are not considering suicide. The doctors and the medical professionals at the suboxone centers near me say that individuals who are reeling under drugs and substance addiction feel trapped and out of control and are likely to engage in self-harm. Such activities like reckless behavior, cutting themselves, etc. spring from a feeling that they deserve punishment and experiencing pain is a useful way to shut out their current emotions. Doctors offering sublocade near me say that people who engage in self-harming activities deliberately hide the effects of visible damages like cuts. In contrast, other habits that result in damages that are difficult to identify might require a mental health professional to uncover.

Suboxone treatment doctors explain the relationship between substance abuse and violence perpetrated on others:

The medical experts practicing at the suboxone treatment clinics Providence say that substance abuse-related violence is very different from the criminal activities that we are accustomed to seeing on-screen, as most of them occur behind closed doors. Domestic violence is one of the most unfortunate and painful results of substance addiction.

● Domestic violence:

According to the doctors working at the suboxone clinics near me, domestic violence is a clear consequence of substance addiction. It refers to an abusive behavioral pattern wherein a partner tries to control or dominate the other in the relationship. Domestic violence is a prevalent evil and has its issues, the addition of substance addiction causes the danger to surge and make the situation inescapable. The experts at the suboxone centers near me say that domestic abuse is not necessarily physical, and it comes in several other forms. From purposefully embarrassing someone, yelling at them, intimidating them from controlling their dressing and style, domestic abuse has a plethora of ugly portrayals. Domestic violence’s most common forms are sexual abuse, psychological abuse, emotional abuse, financial abuse, verbal abuse, spiritual abuse, social abuse, elder abuse, image-based abuse, etc.

Violence and substance abuse are interlinked closely:

When a person is intoxicated, the need to control or wield dominance over the other stems from a loss of inhibitions. It is a common reason why the doctors at the suboxone treatment centers Providence say that people prone to using drugs mistreat their family members. This mistreatment often escalates to scuffles and fights, resulting in physical harm.

But these suboxone doctors also emphasize that violence and substance abuse are mutually interrelated, and the ramifications end both ways. Substance abuse leading to violence and domestic abuse is common, while there are cases where continuous abuse behind closed doors triggers substance abuse in specific individuals. Extensive social and behavioral research indicates that substance addiction precipitates domestic violence by exacerbating violent tendencies. Therefore, domestic abuse can often lead to substance addiction, while the reverse is also correct.

In the end:

Suppose you are committed to breaking the vicious cycle of domestic violence and substance abuse. In that case, you need to immediately seek the consultation of therapists and experts who would provide a holistic treatment for suboxone addiction Providence and channel your recovery.

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