Do you want to ensure that you are provided with the best forms of treatment in the best way? Well, do you think your drug and opioid addiction is something that has gone out of hand?

Suboxone Treatment Centers Providence

Do you think you can take some help when it comes to deciding the type of treatment that you are going to get in the best way for sure? Well, we are here to help you out with all the information that we have got. The Suboxone treatment centers Providence offer refuge and other therapeutic benefits to the people who might need it.

So, this might be an option that you need to keep in mind. This is your chance to go to Suboxone treatment centers and make sure that you are able to identify the risks that you are in due to drug and opioid dependency. Make sure to solve these issues for sure.

Suboxone treatment in Providence has been lauded as an essential step to curb the opioid epidemic affecting the population heavily in the United States and worldwide. With a careful treatment plan that includes Suboxone medication and cognitive and behavioral therapy, counseling, and support, doctors and medical experts are finding it more comfortable to treat long-drawn opioid dependence and opioid addiction in adults.

Medical professionals and scientists have profusely accepted the efficacy of Suboxone as a part of a MAT or IOP program. Hence, state-of-the-art rehabilitation facilities integrate Suboxone medication as part of their drug de-addiction regime and recovery services. With the help of Suboxone medication and the guidance of your doctor, you can combat your sustained opioid dependence and start living a life that promises sobriety, addiction remission, and participation in the typically healthy, happy habits of life.

What else can Suboxone be used for?

Suboxone has become the preferred choice for opioid addiction treatment in adults with a sustained opioid addiction history. Being a unique formulation that comprises the partial opioid agonist Buprenorphine and opioid antagonist Naloxone, Suboxone is an essential medication that relieves opioid withdrawal symptoms, quells the harmful effects of illicit opioids, and introduces a maintenance phase in your life when your detox ends. You start participating wholeheartedly in counseling, therapy, and support to initiate positive life changes.

Apart from these, Suboxone can create the following sensations in the patient.

  • Pain relief
  • Calmness and overall well-being
  • Fewer worries
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Relaxation.

Suboxone has Buprenorphine as an essential ingredient, a partial opioid agonist, and a potent CNS analgesic. Hence, it is highly effective in managing chronic pain and discomfort in patients.

Can you take Suboxone if you're on Methadone?

As a result of pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic drug interactions, mixing Methadone and Suboxone is not advised.

A mixture of opioid agonists and partial agonists might give rise to opioid withdrawal. Therefore, if patients are already on Methadone, they are not advised to take Suboxone. In addition to this, if patients on Methadone take Suboxone for pain management, they might experience incomplete pain relief.

Is it hard to switch from Methadone to Suboxone?

Getting off Methadone is often difficult for patients undergoing opioid addiction treatment, and hence a switch to Suboxone is advised. Though the switch happens smoothly for most patients, complications might arise in a few cases. Most people switch from Methadone to Suboxone because of the following reasons.

  • A desire to avoid heavy medications like Methadone
  • Avoiding long wait times for dosage and frequent clinic visits
  • A wish to break free from the stigma associated with highly-regulated Methadone treatment programs
  • Resolving QT interval syndrome and other adverse cardiac effects that result from Methadone intake
  • Continual opioid abuse while undergoing Methadone treatment.

Since the first dosage of Suboxone requires the patient to be in withdrawal, therefore, you cannot transition directly to Suboxone from Methadone. If your Methadone dosage is below 50 mg per day, then an outpatient program is ideal for your switch to Suboxone. The doctors will advise you to taper down the Methadone dosage to approximately 30 mg per day. After the tapered dosage, you need to abstain from Methadone for about 72 hours before beginning Suboxone treatment.

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