Suboxone emerges to be the first opioid medication that has been approved under DATA 2000 for curing opoid addiction in an office-based setting. Like other medicines, it can also be used at home for pure medical reasons.

One of the major active ingredients that it contains is known as Buprenorphine which is also a partial opioid agonist. The effect it has on body is not similar to that of other full opioid agonists like heroin and oxycodone. Naloxone is the common opioid antagonist available in Suboxone.

Due to the presence of Naloxone, suboxone is not just difficult to dissolve, but it is also hard to inject. As per recommendation, Suboxone should be taken underneath the tongue. The chances for Naloxone to reach the bloodstream are reduced to minimum if taken as per prescription. So, what the patients feel is just the effects of Buprenorphine.

Injecting Nalaxone might make a person fully dependent on opioid agonist and show withdrawal symptoms quickly.

When taken in correct dose, Suboxone helps in the following:

■ Allaying addiction to illicit opioid

■ Ensuring speedy recovery

■ Preventing opioid withdrawal symptoms

■ Eliminating opioid cravings

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